Amelia Pandorica Pond

A young, clever girl.


Reflexes 3D+2
(full-body movement)
Acrobatics 4D+2, Climbing 4D+2, Sneak 4D+2

Coordination 3D
(precise movement, hand-eye coordination)

Physique 2D
(physical strength and toughness)
Running 3D

Knowledge 3D+1
(memory and learning ability)
Medicine 4D+1, Scholar: Paleontology 4D+1

Perception 3D
(senses and interpretation, common sense)

Presence 3D
(personality and attractiveness)
Charm 4D

Equipment: Paleontology Tools (small pick hammer, brush, long slender pick/awl), first aid kit, water bottle, magnifying glass, Swiss Army pocket knife, one remaining protein bar.

Knows how to: build a fire (with a magnifying glass), find tuber roots, identify edible berries, locate edible insects, sculpt and harden crude clay pots, hollow out and dry gourds for food and to carry water, boil water in a crude hardened clay pot to make it safe to drink, cook tubers and squash with flat rocks and embers. Has been instructed essentially how to prepare an animal for cooking.


As a youthful fan of Doctor Who with the last name Pond, she pleaded with her parents to let her change her first name to Amelia. By the time they allowed her to, she also wanted the middle name Pandorica. It has been several years since she made the change, and she remains happy with it.

Always a good student, Amelia’s special passion is paleontology. She entered a contest to win a “summer camp” vacation, working on an actual dinosaur dig, and was successful. The authorities in charge of the contest wouldn’t let someone so young actually participate without her passing a first-aid course. Not only did Amelia pass the course, she did extra work and learned even more about medicine than the instructors had intended to teach her.

The dig was fun, and sharpened many of her physical skills as well as her scientific ones. If it wasn’t for the dig, however, she wouldn’t have gotten into the worst trouble of her young life. Amelia was cast into a strange world via an unexplained Anomaly, which brought her and her mentor, Professor Adam, to a place where creatures from a variety of eras and locations were brought together. Basic survival has been difficult, but she began to make friends with the local wildlife her first morning in the place.

Amelia Pandorica Pond

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