Professor Adam

An elderly scholar


Professor Adam is tall and skinny, but stooped, with a long, graying goatee and rather wild and unruly graying hair. He wears thick, black eyeglass frames around thick bifocals. In his old age, he often affects a lab coat, even in the midst of a dig, miles from civilization.


After a long and successful career in academic paleontology, Professor Adam had taken to overseeing “training” digs with inexperienced young hopefuls. His charges were getting younger and younger, but thankfully, he’s always been good with children.

He used to be quite the outdoorsman in his younger days, but it had been decades since he’s fended for himself in the wilderness. His old skills returned as soon as they were called upon, however, and he both kept himself and Amelia alive when they were cast into the Anomaly world, and has done his best to teach her how to fend for herself, as well.

Professor Adam

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