Amy Lizards

Amy Lizards (named after the individual of the species first encountered by Amelia and Professor Adam) are approximately half a meter long, about a third of which is tail, with pebbly-scaled skin colored mostly a dull green-gray, though more colorful shades appear in the areas around their independently-focusable eyes. Amy Lizards have a reasonably long and flexible neck, particularly for a desert lizard speaces, and generally display a calm, unhurried demeanor (could be read as “lazy” or “unflappable,” equally). They are omnivorous, eating plants and insects alike, having been observed digging for beetles and worms and snagging flying insects from the air with a long sticky tongue, not unlike a frog.

The species is unknown to modern science, meaning, by the rules of the Anomaly world Amelia and Professor Adam found themselves in, that it must either be an an undiscovered species from the prehistoric past, or a possibly genetically-engineered species from the distant future.

In addition to the eponymous Amy (whose eye-scales are red and blue), there have also been named Fluffy (blue and orange), Skipper (tangerine and neon green), and Bob (purple and blue).

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Amy Lizards

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