Deinonychus are human-sized raptor dinosaurs, approximately like the incorrectly-named “velociraptors” in the “Jurassic Park” movies. As such, they are terrifying pack predators. They are a little different from the movie special effects, though, in that their “scales” are actually a fine coat of small feathers, allowing them to “puff up” for aggressive or defensive displays. They have no wings, as such, but they do have longer feathers on their forearms, which may help them leap farther or more accurately as they pounce on their prey.

Their backs are fairly typical camouflage, dappled coats of brown, dull green, and muted yellow. But their underbodies are brilliantly colored, often in shades of pink, orange, purple, and other colors, in individual patterns.

Deinonychus have been observed hunting in small packs, and not only attack prey, but also work to drive off other predators from a fresh kill.

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