Initial Arrival Cave

A short, small, natural passage leads from the outside to this cave, which was not created by flowing water, but rather appears to have been created when rocks tumbled into position to create an enclosed space. The fact that all the rocks appear to be of the exact same composition is not common, but is not enough to make the cave unique.

This cave is about 4 meters across and about 2 meters high; big enough for a couple of adults to stand up in, but not much larger than that. The walls appear to be composed of some sort of metallic ore, but the kind of metal is not readily identifiable. The floor of the cave is littered with sand, twigs, and small rocks, but there is no evidence of animal nests; this is unusual, as it seems as if the cave would make a perfect burrow.

The cave turned out to be a nexus point for some sort of tranferral event. When first encountered, it sat within a hill in the North Dakota Badlands. However, a shimmering, illuminated Anomaly occurred shortly after its discovery, which transported all the occupants of the cave… somewhere else. The cave appeared to be identical, but for some etched runes that suddenly appeared in the rock over the entrance passage, but the world outside the cave was completely different. In the new world, the Anomaly world, the cave is in the side of a much larger hill that is the source of the spring-fed Watering Hole on the edge of a large scrub plain.

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Initial Arrival Cave

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