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This is the “wiki” for the game, the game-specific information encyclopedia on locations, characters, knowledge, and events.

Wiki pages will be made available as the player, Gaz, explores the game. Until she reaches particular points, information will not be available (whether because it is kept secret or because the GM hasn’t written it yet). However, once the information is available, Gaz will be able to refer to this wiki to see it.




Around the Watering Hole:

Unusual Information

Professor Adam established a set of Rules that he believe he and Amelia should follow while they were trapped.

There are strange inscriptions inside the Initial Arrival Cave, which have yet to be translated.

There is a strange, conical robot of some sort that has been lurking in the area. It has three thick retractable legs and apparently three retractable tentacle arms. It has demonstrated the ability to create an energy beam from the tip of one of its arms.

Main Page

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