Watering Hole

The Watering Hole is a reasonably large lake, supporting lush plant life and numerous area animals. It is fed by a natural artisan spring, flowing from the side of the large hill that also houses the Initial Arrival Cave, on the lake’s northeast bank. It serves as an oasis in the fairly dry, scrub plains.

The banks of the Watering Hole are irregular, both in depth and in form, sometimes with sandy shore, sometimes mud and reeds, and sometimes screened by larger trees and foliage. The center appears to be quite deep. There are enough fish and visiting creatures, large and small, who come to the lake to drink to support a few Crocodiles and one large, previously-unknown, plesiosaur-like Water Predator.

Large animals observed using the Watering Hole include a large herd of Bison, a small herd of Zebras, and their predators, a small pride of Saber-toothed Cats and a pack of Deinonychus. Smaller animals include Amy Lizards, Badger-Foxes, and Rabbits, though more may be in the area and as yet unobserved.

The spring is the most visible component to fill the lake, but there must be other underwater feeds, as a Stream of reasonable size flows out of the lake and southward, toward the distant Badlands, a swath of water and larger plant life in the otherwise unremarkable expanse of gently rolling plains, rocks, shrubs, and yellowing grass. To the west, north, and east, only scrubland plains can be seen.

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Watering Hole

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