Cave Runes

Etched into the rock over the exit from the Initial Entrance Cave, on the Anomaly world side of the … event, portal, whatever the Anomaly is, there are a series of pictographic heiroglyphs or runes, a written language unknown to modern archaeological science.

Upon first arrival, Professor Adam made trying to interpret the runes a priority, believing they would provide clues as to how to return himself and Amelia to their proper time and place. He made many copies, annotated with his observations, guesses, theories, and other notation.

As yet, there are no hard conclusions available. Description of the runes (as we don’t have easy graphics capability on this wiki) and the primary notes regarding the cave runes are as follows:

  • (several crisscrossed Xs on top of each other) = ? Repeated; see below.
  • (three short wavy horizontal lines) = Water? Wind? Watering hole or stream?
  • (vertical line with short diagonal off bottom) = Down? Spear? Arrow? Maybe down position means peace?
  • (four long wavy horizontal lines) = More water? Bigger water? Lake, ocean, or river? High wind; tornado? Repeated; see below.
  • (broad vertical line) = Divider? End of sentence? Repeated; see below.
  • (several crisscrossed Xs on top of each other) = Repeated; see above.
  • (four long wavy horizontal lines) = Repeated; see above.
  • (vertical line with short diagonal off top) = Up? Spear? Arrow? If it’s a weapon, does up position mean danger? Repeated; see below.
  • (broad triangle) = Mountain? Pyramid?
  • (broad vertical line) = Repeated; above.
  • (oval with circle inside) = Eye? See? Look?
  • (circle with radiating lines, peppered with dots) = Sun? Anomaly??
  • (vertical line with short diagonal off top) = Repeated; see above.
  • (half-circle with a horizontal line over the top) = Hill? Shelter? Top?
  • Some runes can have more than one meaning, depending on how it is used in a message; context will indicate what it should be, but the meanings are often similar.

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Cave Runes

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